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Why You Should Make The Switch To Vegan Cruelty-Free Skincare Products

Formerly viewed as health-conscious and averse to trying new foods, veganism is now a popular lifestyle choice. This year's first month of 2020 has been dubbed as the "year of the vegan" or that many have decided to go home or go green following the health issue that is COVID-19. A slew of vocal celebrities have also been urging their followers to go vegan, if not for ethical grounds, then for the health and environmental benefits it provides.

You may have heard of the hashtag "cruelty-free," but there's a lot more to this than that. Since nobody loves the concept of testing new lipstick colors on cute little mice, consumers are turning their backs on standard corporate conglomerate beauty products in ever greater numbers. You don't have to be a member of PETA or be a self-proclaimed vegan to benefit from our vegan cruelty-free skincare products in this scenario, but you’re more than welcome if you want to.

The Importance of Choosing Vegan Cruelty-Free Skincare
The word “vegan” has slightly transformed into a buzzword that many businesses are using these days when marketing their products. When it comes to largely non-European brands, we may also see the term "cruelty-free," but what exactly does it mean? Was there a distinction in terms of ingredients between the two, and what kind of ingredients could you anticipate finding in non-vegan cosmetic products?

Cruelty-Free and Vegan
You have likely heard the terms cruelty-free or vegan many times, however, these terms refer to two very distinct things. The first refers to the steps involved in making and testing a product, whereas the second focuses on its actual ingredients.

The term "cruelty-free" refers to the absence of animal testing in the production of cosmetics (or the ingredients thereof). To be considered cruelty-free, a product must not be tested on animals, hence a vegan variant is not required. Although animal testing was outlawed in only a handful of states in the US, anyone may still indirectly support animal testing in other parts of the world by purchasing products from certain brands.

Vegan products do not include any ingredients produced from animals, and as a result, they reveal more information on the actual ingredients of the product rather than the manufacturing method. Although, when a firm claims to provide vegan items, it suffices to say that the products are also cruelty-free.

Making the switch to our vegan cruelty-free skincare products is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate your opposition to animal experimentation. This article will provide you with compelling reasons why you should ditch your possibly unethical skincare products in favor of a healthier, more compassionate alternative that is Skin Over Everything.

1.Cruelty-Free Skincare Products Offer More Health Benefits

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Cruelty-free products are often healthier and less hazardous for your skin than their conventional counterparts. This is because most traditional skincare products may contain traces of harsh chemicals, the majority of which you may not even be aware of their origin.

Our DRY SKIN KIT is the same way. Using this simple three-step skincare regimen, you can restore moisture to dry skin without the fear of any worse-case scenarios happening afterward.

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, so you should ensure it’s being taken care of properly. By choosing vegan and cruelty-free solutions, you are choosing skincare products that are made entirely of natural ingredients and are thus unlikely to have unpleasant side effects or to cause harm to the user.

2.Softer on the Skin
In addition to being good to animals, vegan products may also be kind to your skin. Especially since a surprising amount of what we apply to our skin gets absorbed into our bodies.

Regardless of your skin type, you can feel confident about what our products are made of, so you can feel confident in the skin you’re in. Our vegan and cruelty-free skincare products offer the best results because of our high antioxidant content. After using any one of our skincare products, your skin will feel refreshed and nourished.

3.Packed with Vitamins and Antioxidants
Additionally, one advantage of vegan skincare regimens is that the natural ingredients derived from plants can include higher concentrations of vitamin goodness. Not only that, but a combination of antioxidants, minerals, and natural oils aid in the healing and maintenance of soft skin as well. As a result, your skin will seem and feel fresher for longer.

4.Making A Difference Is Within Your Reach
Non-cruelty-free skincare products are sending a message to the market that you don't care about animal rights or the substances in the items you use. Only buying goods from companies that produce plant-based skincare for everyone, every day, and everywhere is a simple way to show your support for cruelty-free products.

Avoid companies who continue to test on animals as a form of protest. I know it doesn't seem like much, but it might mean the world to thousands of lab mice.

False Assumptions About Vegan Cruelty-Free Skincare Products
One of the most common misunderstandings regarding vegan goods is that they are too pricey. It is widely assumed that because their products are all-natural and environmentally friendly, the costs will soar. Animal-free items aren't as inexpensive as traditional animal products, but they're also far easier on your wallet. In addition, you get a lot of bang for your buck when you take into account all the wonderful perks you'll receive.

Make the Switch Right Now!
The advantages of using vegan and cruelty-free skincare products are simply too great to pass up. Switch today to experience gorgeous, perfect skin while also contributing to the preservation of Mother Nature's overall welfare. You may find a wide range of high-quality skincare items in our collection.

We at Skin Over Everything are committed to educating people about the many advantages of using vegan skincare products. We've covered all the bases, from developing our own natural, organic skincare line to delivering professional vegan expertise. For more information about cruelty-free and vegan skincare, visit our blog or place an order with us now.