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Reishi Mushroom – The Skin Hero

Reishi Mushroom is powerful ingredient formulated into many of our products. For more than 5,000 years, it’s been the best-kept secret in Chinese medicine for your overall health. Now the secret is out that it is also a necessity for keeping your skin healthy too!

Beta-Glucans found in the cell walls of mushrooms gives the Reishi its power to hydrate and heal. It can help reduce inflammation and redness, and acts as a humectant by attracting water from your surrounding environment to the skin for optimal hydration.

The Reishi Mushroom’s natural antioxidant properties detoxify the skin and help fight against free radical damage to repair and protect your skin cells against damaging UV rays and pollution. This magical mushroom can help prevent premature aging and give you that healthy glow you want.

Who knew these tiny fungi would be so essential to healthy skin? Believe me – your skin will thank you