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Benefits of Switching to Vegan Skin Care Products

The longer you are invested in the makeup and skin care community, the more likely you are to be exposed to certain types of products and beauty routines. One of the most common examples is vegan beauty products. At some point while exploring different brands, you are going to encounter some vegan skin care products and you will likely have questions about what it all means and if it is actually good for your skin, or just another gimmick used to schill products.

We have heard plenty of questions surrounding this subject, so we want to take a moment to break things down and explain just what vegan skin care products have to offer. Hopefully, with this knowledge, you will be able to navigate vegan skincare brands more confidently and know if this is something you would like to invest more of yourself into.

In case you were wondering who wears vegan makeup or skin care, the simple answer is: anyone who is interested. There are no special requirements or commitments in order to start using vegan skin care. You do not have to be vegan or fully adopt a vegan lifestyle in order to use these products, nor do you need to change up your entire beauty routine.

You can have a mix of vegan and non-vegan products at a time. Although, we will say you may fall in love with your newer vegan products and never want to look back.

What is vegan skin care?
If you are already familiar with the vegan lifestyle, then this concept should not be too far off for you. Much like vegan food is based around natura ingredients that do not involve animal byproducts, vegan skin care is also crafted without the use of animal derived ingredients. It focuses on using natural, botanical substances to create their formulas.

Vegan skin care products have become popular amongst vegan consumers, of course, but also others who simply want to step up their skin care routines and try something new. Our skincare products at Skin Over Everything are all 100% vegan and are formulated using well-researched ingredients that are proven to have benefits to the skin. These are just some of our favorite reasons to make the switch over to using vegan skin care.

More Gentle Formulas
We often find those with sensitive skin are much more satisfied when they switch over to using vegan skin care products. Traditional products are commonly made using harsh, artificial ingredients such as synthetic fragrances, fillers, and synthetic dyes, none of which offer true benefits to the skin. They are often used to make the product appear more attractive without actually supporting or nourishing the skin.

These kinds of ingredients have the potential to be highly irritating and cause a number of concerns including redness, inflammation, dry patches, and more. Vegan products, however, can make a great alternative because they avoid all of those unnecessary, harsh ingredients and instead focus on more gentle ingredients that are there to help heal the skin.

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Skin-Loving Ingredients
When it comes to skin care, the main thing that people want to know is if it works for their skin. With Skin Over Everything vegan skin care products, the answer is a resounding yes! That’s because we use only high-quality botanical extracts and oils to formulate our products. We craft our products with ingredients such as raspberry seed oil, green tea extract, reishi mushrooms, rosehip oil, and cherry extract, to name a few.

These natural ingredients are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, all of which nourish, heal, and moisturize the skin to leave it feeling healthier than ever before. We encourage you to look at the ingredients list of any item in our product line to see the quality of ingredients we have carefully selected to create our formulas.

Environmental Benefits
If you are looking to make some changes in your life and which businesses you support, it could be a good idea to purchase from vegan skincare lines rather than some of the other brands you may have been exposed to. Vegan brands are typically much more aware of their environmental impact since they rely so much on natural ingredients, so they will be more likely to source their ingredients carefully.

For example, vegan skincare products are typically cruelty free, meaning their products are never tested on animals. This is a major point for those who are concerned with animal rights. Skin Over Everything is proudly vegan and cruelty free, and glad that we are able to provide products that we can standby without involving animals or animal byproducts in the process.

Since vegan skin care products do not use animal derived ingredients, they also avoid any of the processes that go into working with these animals that negatively affect wildlife and the earth. These animal industries are known to be harmful toward the environment, contributing to air pollution, deforestation, and waterway pollution. With our 100% vegan processes, we avoid all of these harmful practices altogether.

If you want to know more details about how our products are formulated, or ask for recommendations and suggested use, we’d be happy to help. Just send us a message through and we’ll help you out right away.

Until then, please feel free to browse around our selection of vegan skin care and see what our advanced vegan skin care products at Skin Over Everything can do for your skin’s health.